When your treatment is complete Dr. Hulse will provide removable retainers to hold your teeth in their new, straightened position. Hulse Orthodontics recommends wearing retainers for life. Research has shown that teeth will inevitably shift over time. Choose from many different types of retainers to keep your teeth from shifting. Ask Dr. Hulse what type of retainer would be best for you.

Types of Retainers:

Hawley Retainers (Space Maintainer)

Hawley retainers have been used successfully for many years and are probably the most common type of retainer. It is made of plastic and stainless steel wire and is custom-made for your mouth and teeth.

Clear or Invisible Retainers

With the advent of new, clear plastic materials in orthodontics, patients can benefit from more esthetic options during the retention phase of orthodontic treatment. Clear retainers are comfortable, esthetic and require no adjustment. However, just like shoes they will wear out in time and will need to be replaced.

Retainer Wear

Since retainers can be taken out, patients frequently ask how long they need to wear the retainer. Most relapse, or unwanted tooth movement, occurs in the first 6 months after the braces are removed. For the average patent, you will wear your removable retainer full-time for the first 2 months, and thereafter only while sleeping. If you are unsure of your retention program, be sure to ask Dr. Hulse for specific instructions regarding the wear and care of your retainers.

Retainers for Life

Dr. Hulse wants to make sure you have a smile that is going to last you a lifetime! That is why we offer a retainer for life program to all current and past patients of Hulse Orthodontics. We understand that life happens! Maybe you threw away your retainer, the dog got it or you simply just misplaced it. With our retainer for life program you can replace your retainer up to four times per year at a small co-pay. For more details call or text the office! (Program applies only to clear retainers after full orthodontic treatment.)