Braces are the primary “tool” that orthodontists use to engineer great smiles. There are many brands and styles of these braces available to Dr. Hulse. Dr. Hulse is continually seeking a bracket system that will allow him to craft beautiful smiles in the most comfortable, quickest way possible.

Dr. Hulse uses Mini Metal Twin braces to ensure that you’ll be proud to smile both during and after your treatment! Their unique design means a smaller, more comfortable bracket. And the wide range of color choices for the bands holding your wire in place means you can even have a little fun and show off your braces with pride. So go ahead and smile!

Foods to avoid: Hard, sticky or chewy foods! Here are a few of those foods: popcorn, caramel, taffy, gum, hard pizza crust, (whole) apples or nuts.

Hygiene: Our highly trained staff will be monitoring your oral hygiene during your treatment. We ask that you brush three times daily and floss once a day. We suggest maintaining your regular cleanings with your dentist. We are also happy to help coordinate with your general dentist to remove your wires for dental cleanings.

Retreat Program: Dr. Hulse wants to make sure you have a smile that is going to last you a lifetime! If for any reason your teeth shift after orthodontic treatment we offer a retreat program for all previous patients. You will not be charged for a full orthodontic treatment again, instead you are only charged for monthly visits and new retainers at the completion of your retreat.